Mark Hauser on Life, Entrepreneurship, and Staying Motivated in Creation

There are few straight and narrow paths in the world of entertainment. Lacking a process that guarantees progress, entertainers like Mark Hauser had to work diligently to hone their skills until the right opportunities presented themselves. Now a decorated Canadian-American actor born in Michigan and raised in the Great Lakes region, Mark Hauser has reached heights that he might never have deemed possible.

Equipped with starring roles in projects like Winx Club and Alice in Borderland, Mark Hauser has developed not just the skills but the resume to go along with it. Represented by K.L. Benzakein Talent, Hauser recently took time out of his day to share the concepts that he has utilized the most during his successful ascent in the entertainment industry.

Building a Better YOU

First and foremost, success in any arena requires success at home and within your mind. Mark Hauser understands that maintaining a healthy mindset is of the utmost importance, particularly when you are working toward something that others would define as difficult to obtain. To continue excelling in a field that requires such excellence, Hauser advocates for a careful and deliberate process that acclimates to what works best for you.

For Hauser, success has come from diligent planning and research efforts. Before taking on a role, Hauser will dedicate time to researching and properly understanding the full scope of his character. Hauser says, “By capturing the essence of each character and bringing them to life, the audience becomes an integral part of that story. I have always wanted to play a role in that process.”

When between projects, Hauser spends most of his time researching upcoming roles while delving into the fully-rounded mindset of his character. Hauser adds, “I want to know what makes them tick. To get that, I perform huge amounts of online research.”

Practice Makes Perfect

While it is easy to believe that working in the acting world is easy, it is anything but. To stay ahead of the game, Mark Hauser works diligently with a number of different techniques to ensure that he never lags behind.

One way that Hauser has enjoyed continued success in his private life is through utilizing the Pomodoro Technique. Hauser says, “This well-known software app uses a timer to split your work into multiple 25-minute sessions. After each one, you get a 5-minute break.”

Hauser has enjoyed utilizing the Pomodoro Technique in order to keep his mind fresh during particularly draining moments of research. Hauser says of the technique, “I accomplish my goals while giving my brain several welcome breaks.”

In addition to his self-care with regard to focusing and studying, Hauser also advocates for physical self-care as well. Hauser suggests seeing a massage therapist as often as allowed to unplug from technology, turn off your brain, and ultimately relax while your body releases damaging tension.

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