Cello Rentals vs. Buying Cellos: Which Is Right For You

 It is never a secret that cellos are bow-stringed instruments that are delicate and must be attended to at all times. However, they are also a good investment when pursuing a hobby and career out of music.

With all the pros and cons of a cello, should you consider renting or just buying directly? We weighed out all opinions for you.

Pros & Cons of Renting a Cello

There are instances that it is better to rent rather than splurge a big amount of money on a cello only for it to be stored forever in its casing. One instance is if you have this sudden interest in cello but are not fully committed to investing time to learn it. It is better to rent out a cello first to avoid breaking the bank as well as evaluate whether this is the right instrument for you.

Another instance is when you are just a beginner cellist. Cellos come in different variants and you may often find yourself upgrading to the latest and most convenient if you are a skilled one already. But with renting, you do not have to go through all these financial commitments when you are past the starting stage.

Regardless of the avoidance of committing to a big financial matter, you still need to put out some cash when renting a cello. This is one of renting’s cons as renting programs are offered in monthly payments and with interests. Still, it will add a burden to your monthly expenses. Moreover, it has a timeline in the contract in which you are responsible to rent for a certain amount of time. If not rendered, you will pay for a breach of contract which will cost you more money.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Cello

Contrary to the first instance of the pros and cons of renting a cello, if you think that the cello is the right instrument for you and you’re eager to own one, then now is the right time to consider buying your own. It’s important to consider the level of your skills when buying your own cello. If you’re a newbie in playing this instrument, a beginner cello should be your choice. There are also intermediate and professional cellos for those who have advanced skills.

Provided that you will continue your passion for playing the cello, then it is a good investment as the cello is proven to last for years with proper handling and care.

When you have already decided to purchase your first cello, you must also take into consideration the cello bow you’re going to use to play it with. Make sure to choose the perfect fit for you in terms of size, weight, and if you’re comfortable using it with your cello playing techniques.

On the other side, a con of buying a cello is if you have not met a certain level of responsibility. Getting a cello is like having a baby as you need to make sure it is in its best condition at all times or else, it functions the way it should not. Make sure that you master the art of taking care of things before adding another responsibility to your life.


In conclusion, renting or buying a cello depends on your lifestyle, level of responsibility, and time allotment to learn and invest in the cello itself. If you believe that you will be playing the cello for a long time, then go and get one. But if you are just here to try, then you are better off renting.

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