That Crazy Intersection of Fashion and Sports

Human beings are curious creatures. Among all living things, we are the only ones that put so much time and effort into our appearance. Chances are you have never seen a peacock standing in front of a full-length mirror preening itself for three hours before starting the day. You have never seen a Shetland pony standing over the hay pile in its stall trying to figure out which outfit to wear.

Our obsession with fashion is curious enough under normal circumstances. But when you combine it with sports, things escalate to the next level pretty quickly. And not just Pro sports, mind you, but amateur sports as well. Even casual, weekend warriors can obsess over sports fashion to an unhealthy degree.

 Hats and Sunglasses on the Course

You know the summer has been fairly uneventful when golf writers start talking about pairing hats and sunglasses on the course. Such a discussion provided the substance of an article published on the Golf.com website in late August 2020.

True, there are some pro golfers who seem obsessed with achieving the right look. Can you say Payne Stewart and Ricky Fowler? And perhaps some of them are forced to make their fashion choices based on what their sponsors want. But for those of us whose golf game is more hacking than anything else, does it really matter if the hat we choose matches our sunglasses?

Olympic Eyewear, a Salt Lake City company that produces dozens of brands of designer-like sunglasses, says that golfers do sometimes benefit from specific tints and frame designs. But those benefits are functional rather than fashion oriented. So no, there doesn’t appear to be any reason to worry about whether or not your sunglasses and hat complement one another.

Biker Shorts and Flashy Helmets

Another sport that seems to be excessively fashion conscious is cycling. Back in the old days, you could wear just about anything while riding a bike. A pair of jeans or casual shorts was fine, along with a tank top or T-shirt. Not so these days. Go to any local park where cyclists hang out and you’ll be wanting in your search for cyclists not wearing biker clothing.

We all get the fact that helmets improve safety. We also understand that biker shorts and skintight shirts slightly reduce wind resistance. But if you are not competing for hundredths of a second, is it really necessary to spend a ton of money on cycling fashions?

 Tennis at the Club

This post could literally go on for thousands of words. However, just one more example to illustrate the point. That example is found on the tennis courts. That is where you will observe tennis players who have spent as much on their clothing as they have on their rackets, if not more.

Tennis is a sport that doesn’t require a whole lot of special gear. A good pair of tennis shoes can make a difference in supporting the feet and ankles, but beyond that, there is not much to it. Any pair of shorts and a loosely fitting shirt will provide adequate coverage and protection.

Does it really matter if your tennis outfit is perfectly coordinated? Does it matter if you look like you just stepped out of the club dressing room? Not really.

If we ever needed proof human beings are overly obsessed with personal appearance, sports fashion is it. It is amazing we spend so much money to look good doing things that make us look unkempt, fatigued, and pretty unattractive all the way around.

Oh, the irony of it all. That crazy intersection of fashion and sports.

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