Chinese Billionaire Liu Qiangdong: A Life of Success

Richard Liu is a self-made billionaire and the founder of, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies. He is also known as “Liu Qiangdong.” His story starts with humble beginnings in rural Jiangsu province, born into a low-income family. Today, Richard Liu has become one of China’s wealthiest individuals and his company is valued at $45 billion. This article will explore how this man went from being dirt poor to becoming an international success story!

Liu Qiangdong was born on April 26, 1973, in Suqian City of Jiangsu Province. His family had to borrow money for his first month of life, and he only weighed four pounds at birth because the umbilical cord wrapped around Liu’s neck during delivery. He also grew up with three sisters who were significantly older than him. When Richard was young, his parents worked as farmers; however, they made no money from their failing business ventures, which caused them to become more financially unstable over time. By age 16, Liu vowed that one day he would make enough money so that nobody else in his family ever has to work again! While attending high school at Dongfang Middle School, where all classes are taught in English to prepare students for college Liu’s English teacher brought him into the local business world.

For his first job, he started working as a clerk in Suqian at “Yongda Computer & Communication”, now known as Suning Commerce Group Limited (). He only earned $40 per month and worked up to 14 hours each day.

Liu attended the Renmin University of China, where he studied computer science and economics. While studying there, he joined several student organizations such as the Chinese Economics Society and served as President of the International Students Club during his senior year. During this period, Richard also volunteered with an NGO called Student Bridge () that raised funds for impoverished rural children who could not attend school due to poverty.

Liu holds a doctorate in business administration from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). He was selected for this honour by CEIBS, based on his performance during interviews with faculty members, who were impressed by Liu’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed despite all odds.

This article explores how Richard Liu went from a poverty-stricken living childhood to becoming one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs! The focus will be on his life before founding and what factors contribute to its success today. It also discusses why he is revered among many Chinese people because even though he has so much money, Richard remains humble and believes in “doing the right thing”, so he became a significant philanthropist.

Chinese billionaire Qiangdong will be launching a new electric car brand in China.

The Reduonion is expected to retail for around $50,000 per vehicle when they are released later this year. The vehicles are said to have self-driving capabilities and can drive up to 200 kilometres on one charge.

Jiujue Technology is the name of the company that was founded by Richard Liu, who has been given an estimated net worth of approximately US$11 billion in 2016 according to Forbes Billionaires List, which ranks him as number 222 out of all billionaires worldwide.

Liu got his start after working with JD while still attending college at Peking University, where he studied computer science. At the time, JD was starting as a company, and Liu turned his love of computers into an opportunity to help grow this e-commerce business.

Liu has become one of China’s most successful entrepreneurs at such a young age due to his ability to sense market trends even before they are apparent. He built up what used to be known as Jing Dong Internet Technology Group Ltd (JD) from its humble beginnings back in 1998. when he first started college both by himself and without any other family assistance or financial backing, which made it all that much more impressive for him since he managed to get through school and found ways to make money on the side with online trading.

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